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pland area which forms the majority of the border between Scotland and England. The principal river, the Tweed, traverses the region west - east ; its tributaries include the River Teviot. The largest loch is St Mary's, and the only substantial area of low - lying agricultural land is the Merse in the southeast, near the English border.Click Here For a List of Links to Inns with Websites

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Craw Inn

Auchencrow, Reston, Berwickshire, TD14 5LS  Tel: 01890 761253
Back to top MAPCraw Inn website Email the Inn 3 Rooms Superb Food Excellent Ales Camra Listed Real Fires Children Welcome Listed Building Close to the North Sea coastline. See if you can tear yourself away from listening to the locals ! Highly Recommended
The Craw InnExcellent 18th Century inn located in a rural village just 3 miles from the popular diving area of North Sea coastline around St. Abbs. The superb menu which includes fresh local fish dishes, home cured hams and other local seasonal ingredients is matched by the quality of the real ales and fine wines.