Many of the inns featured on the Fat Badgers guide to quality inns, have accommodation. We don't list prices as these are ever changing and there may even be a tariff which takes up a whole page to cover all year round prices. If we know exactly how many rooms they have - we will say so when you leave your mouse pointer over the bed icon. If you're specifically looking for inns with accommodation - try the 'Accommodation List Page'.

aadis.gif (1664 bytes) Where an inn has wheelchair access, we award a wheelchair symbol. We would only award the symbol if access is also available to the toilets but not necessarily for any accommodation.

Although the Fat Badgers normally frequent inns and pubs, we occasionally come across top quality hotels which we think deserve a recommendation. These hotels are often quite expensive and you would most likely be expected to dress smartly for dinner. We award a 'Top Hat' to show that the hotel is luxury.

Unfortunately there are many inns which don't necessarily offer a warm inviting welcome. This may purely be because they are too busy to notice that you've arrived and are gasping for a pint ! Where we've experienced a welcome above average, we award a 'happy smiley barman' symbol. If any of the inns we list don't have this symbol - it doesn't mean you won't be warmly welcomed. Remember, the nicer you are to them the nicer they are likely to be with you !