The Art of Brewing
Hot Liquor Tank

Water is boiled overnight in the hot liquor tank, ready for brewing the next day










Grist Case

Malt (milled barley) is stored in the Grist Case and added to the Mash Tun with the hot water.

Mash Tun

The 'mash' is mixed for one and a half hours in the Mash Tun

Under Back

The mash is run off through the Under Back and is now called 'Wort'


The mixture is boiled in the Copper for two hours where hops are added to the mixture.

Hop Back

The mixture is cooled in the Hop Back to twenty degrees centigrade.

Fermenting Vats

After 30 minutes the mixture is run off into the Fermenting Vats. Yeast is added and the brew left to ferment for 6 days.

Racking Tank

The yeast is skimmed off and the beer is transferred to the Racking Tank and left for 12 hours.

The beer is stored in 'Casks' NOT 'Barrels'. A barrel is a size of cask Click for more details.


The beer is racked into casks and stored for a week before being used.