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9th June 2001


A Relaxing Day Out !The 9th June saw Grand Master Fat Badger Petros along with Fat Badgers Kilo & Cath take part in a fundraising day in aid of Breakthrough Breast Cancer. The Venue was St. Omer Barracks, Aldershot - Home of the British Army. Unfortunately only two photos were taken, both during lunch due to difficulties carrying cameras at the same time as trying to scale brick walls.

The day started with some non Badgers including former Aston Villa football star Andy Townsend catching a coach from Birmingham at sunrise. The Fat Badgers made their own way as we're used to roaming the countryside. After gaining entry to St. Omer Barracks via entrances manned by armed guard, we were lulled into a false sense of security by burly soldiers supplying a full cooked breakfast cooked on some mighty impressive trailer kitchens.

We were split into four teams and then taken to the Drill Square for an hour and a half of Squaddie Bashing before being tested by the Sergeant Major on our Drill work. The Green team - oldest, biggest & ugliest of the four teams included the three Fat Badgers and were first to take on the Assault Course - A best ever time of 3 minutes 41 seconds gave us a great start to the day and got us first in the line for an excellently well cooked lunch. Lunch BreakAfter lunch we moved back to the Drill Square for a Landrover Push in which Fat Badger Cath steered whilst being blindfolded - a bit like she normally drives. We then went off into 'the bush' after being blown up and our team who had two blinded from the accident, one with damaged hands and the rest with broken legs, had 19 minutes to get the whole team through a Minefield. Luckily we didn't lose anybody although Marcus did lose his marbles and disobey his orders. We moved onto a Gym Sports Challenge and played our Joker and amazingly won despite Grand Master Fat Badger Petros jumping onto a trampoline which failed to lift him from the floor. We then in true Army style, iced a cake ? which despite doing very well, didn't have enough young totty to bat their eyelids at a seriously biased judge. We then managed to get the whole of the team across a Raging River with the aid of just two planks - three if you include Marcus and gained more points than any other team except one that played their Joker. We then had to Pick up a Log and carry it for a few kilometres as it was too big for the Army to move it. We finished off the day with a spot of Map Reading which would have been easy had it not been down a coal hole at midnight - blindfolded. We were then again first back to the refreshment area - this time for champagne.

A quick wash & brush up at a local hotel and then back to the Officers Mess where the Gurkhas cooked our evening meal and we danced the night away to the sounds of the Robin Williams of the British Army.

Last to Bed was Andy Townsend. Last out of bed the next morning was - Andy Townsend.

The Green Team came a very close second, just 2 points behind the Cake Making Red Team full of young women who mysteriously disappeared with the Bruce Forsyth of the British Army ! We were however some 20 points in front of the Yellows and Blacks.

Breakthrough Breast CancerA BIG thankyou to Julie & Andy Robinson who organised a smashing day out and managed to raise in excess of 3,000 for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.