We update and add inns on a daily basis, but not all are mentioned here, this page gives a general idea of the latest news and additions, particularly of some of the more spectacular places we discover. Fat Badgers Guide to Good Pubs and Inns in the UK List of the latest inns to be added.
Latest Update 27 April 2006
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News from the Fat Badgers
12 December 2005

After discovering that our 'Suggest an Inn' page has not been working properly for a while - we now think we've worked out why ! Not something we'd done but you try & get the company concerned to admit it....

10 December 2005

This summer has been extremely busy following the last two years of working on the purchase of the Emmerdale Pub - The Woolpack in West Yorkshire. The inn is now up for sale and interested parties should view the details here

6 June 2005

Although there's not been many updates to the news page, we have been extensively out & about visiting establishments - The aforementioned Burlton Inn - see the column on the right ! will get added shortly along with a few other establishments. We've also added a page on Pub Signs as we've got lots of photos of 'em ! We've also added a link on that page to Graeme Robbins website - Take a look, a very talented artist and we don't mean of the drinking variety - although he may be that as well !.

16 February 2005

The Fat Badgers are pleased to announce that we have a new Badger in our Clan - Fat Badger Paul was born early in his life to proud parents - some years ago. Badger Paul has visited in excess of 1300 UK inns and tasted the wares in each & every one of them. This is why we can't understand a word he's saying. Badger Paul likes a drop of Whisky but he also likes his ale - Well he would say that, he brews the stuff. If you fancy trying the beer that Paul produces, you should take a holiday on Islay and pay a visit to his brewery. www.islayales.com

If you are thinking of paying a visit why not email Fat Badger Kilo and ask for a lift in his sports car as he's intending to visit sometime in the near future. You will probably have to be young, female, pretty AND slim to get him to agree to take you all the way up to Scotland as last time he gave anyone a lift around the Highlands, it was a Welshman called Gareth and Badger Kilo didn't fancy him in the slightest.

14 February 2005

We thought it was about time we updated the news page as we've been told off for getting one of the symbols wrong for one of the pubs listed. Many apologies to all concerned, it is difficult to try & keep on top of an ever changing world of drinking establishments and we do rely on others keeping us informed.

We have received a bucket load of recommendations in recent months and much as we'd like to add them all, we do try to pay each establishment a visit before doing so.

Many of the Fat Badgers hibernate in Ski resorts in the Winter so as usual, we've been active in other departments. A number of establishments have been added to the database and will get added to the main site in the near future.

We have also been spending some time on preparing our sister site www.badgersbritain.co.uk although we're not entirely sure where we're going with it but we're always open to ideas !