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30 July 2006

Fat Badger Ade, Kilo & Stakesy sailed across the Bay of Biscay last week and experienced pretty poor quality food in all of the bars & restaurants they visited which resulted in them trying a Thai / Japanese / Chinese restaurant in La Rochelle where hey finally got a decent meal (although they did get the order wrong). This included an absolutely shocking portion of Gratin Dauphinoise in a restaurant in Les Sables (Start & Finish location of the Vendee Globe around the World race). Fat Badger Kilo then decided he had to order a dish which included Gratin Dauphinoise when he and Non Badger Paul tried out a new establishment after landing at Stansted Airport. The Cricketers' Arms at Rickling Green served it's version which turned out to be a million times better than the French version !

It's great too see this sort of quality in the UK far outshining a week and a half of French cuisine. If you are flying out from Stansted then it's well worth using the accomodation at the Cricketers' or indeed just using their Taxi service as the car parking at Stansted is disgustingly expensive and so far away from the Airport that you're almost nearer at the Cricketers' anyway.

2nd July 2006

Once again it's been a busy start to our year with half the Badgers spending a lot of time out of the Country Skiing & Sailing (not in the same places) but also a lot of inn inspections have taken place in the first half of the year. Updates have been ongoing in small doses with our favourite 'latest' addition being the Rugglestone Inn at Meavy in Devon.

27 April 2006

After discovering that our 'Suggest an Inn' page has not been working properly for a while - we now think we've worked out why ! Not something we'd done but you try & get the company concerned to admit it....

24 April 2006

This Winter has been extremely busy following the last two years of working on the purchase of the Emmerdale Pub - The Woolpack in West Yorkshire. The inn is now up for sale and interested parties should view the details here