Autoroute Page

Fat Badger Pubs.axe Click the pint Glass to download all the Fat Badger inns in a Microsoft AutoRoute 2001  file. - * Known limitations, Approximately 15 inns are in the wrong locations due to postcodes which AutoRoute doesn't understand. Approximately 10 inns have no description as AutoRoute can't cope with too much information.

Click the map to see what AutoRoute 2001 looks like with Fat Badger inns listed.

Fat Badger Pubs.pxg Click the Pint Glass to download 'most' of the Fat Badger inns in a Microsoft AutoRoute 98 GB file. - * Known limitations - approximately 100 inns missing due to AutoRoute 98 being unable to recognise some postcodes and those that it does recognise, are accurate to within 1 mile or 50 miles depending on what mood your computer is in and whether you've fed next doors cat or not.