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Dublin is still largely rural country, yet it encapsulates so much that is endearing and exasperating about Ireland that it represents the Emerald isle better than any other town. It's a city of pubs, churches, grand buildings and fine museums. It is indeed a beautiful place, set on a broad river-basin fringed by the majestic sweep of Dublin Bay and the tantalising close to Wicklow Mountains. The central area is compact, and can easily be explored on foot, the capital is by far the largest city in Ireland.

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Back to top104 Leeson Street, Dublin 1
One of many Dublin pubs full of old Irish Character


Back to top15 Castle St, Dalkey, Co.Dublin. Tel:01 - 2854569
Superb Food
The QueensDalkey is a lovely village just outside Dublin and is easily accessible on the 'DART' train. Good beer and brilliant food make the Queens well worth visiting


Back to top139 Baggot Street, Dublin 4
One of many Dublin pubs full of old Irish Character.