Interested in working in a British Inn or Hotel ?

You don't have to find an inn and knock on the door to ask for a job. The Fat Badgers can put you in touch with establishments that are looking for staff. You can join our list of people who are on the lookout for work in good quality establishments by filling in the form.
Please read the rest of this page before filling in an application form.

Gis a Job Mate....Many of the establishments that we list are frequently looking for both permanent and seasonal staff in the following positions:Chefs, Receptionists, F&B Managers, Conference Co-ordinators, Reservationists, Assistant Managers, Couples and General Duties Staff for Bars & Waiting.

We will try and find work in the location you prefer and as a very basic, minimum Net pay for Bar Staff and Waiting Staff would be 130.00 per week with accommodation and meals whilst on duty. Many establishments are looking for foreign seasonal staff who wish to work in the UK for 3-6 months to add an alternative attraction for their customers but we will also look for jobs for British citizens if required.

There is a Skills shortage In the UK Hospitality Industry and many of the establishments we list are looking for staff NOW. Chefs and other associated professionals can expect to earn high salaries depending on experience and should use the same form in the first instance.

If you are interested in employment in the Hospitality Industry - check that you are eligible to work in the UK, fill in the form and send a recent passport photo.

Fat Badgers - PO Box 2077 - Dudley - England - DY3 2YH

(if your details are accepted by one of our outlets) :-
We will contact you and provide full information on the outlet concerned. If you like it and want the job we will usually arrange a brief telephone interview for you, during which you can ask and answer any outstanding questions directly. Based on that plus the CV information you have provided, you will be offered the job on a one week trial basis either way.

In practice it is VERY RARE that the trial period does not work out as long as you have been honest in submitting your details.