"We're really looking forward to the start of the Nationwide league"
Football Focus 9th August 2003

Back to Previous Page So says Ray Tubbs on Football focus today. What follows is feature after feature on Premiership teams, mostly Arsenal & Man Utd although the Premiership doesn't of course start until next week. The one opportunity Football focus has to let people know what's happening in the Nationwide and they still can't be bothered.
When they finally get around to mentioning Division 1, the only team who gets a mention is newly relegated from the Premiership - West Ham.
People wonder why the kids of today all support Man Utd - it's because they don't bloody know their home town has a football club, thanks to the BBC.

This once great institution has over the last few years gone further & further downhill. The British Broadcasting Corporation has a long history of producing quality programmes but has degenerated into producing utter tripe mostly, having more adverts (all advertising themself) than the independent channels and squabbling with the government.

As the fans of one particular 'Nationwide' league club say:

"The BBC - Like my Arse !"