Back to Previous PageNow don't get me wrong - I'm not jumping on the bandwagon of those that hate people who can afford a horse and one of those nice red jackets. Foxhunting is wrong for many reasons, the main one being that most of the arguments for, are all absolute bullshit. The Red Fox exists on a diet of 90% earthworms and the rest is mainly made up of mice & voles. Foxhunting started in the 17th century to protect poultry farming. That argument doesn't work anymore as these days, we have sophisticated buildings that can keep foxes out. The argument that they need to be controlled is absolute cobblers - the fox is not a pack animal, it needs its own territory, around 12,000 are killed by foxhunts but 100,000 are killed by other means, usually whilst trying to cross roads. Why is it that whenever there's a discussion on foxhunting, they wheel out eloquent people educated at Eton to speak for it and to speak against, they ask the great unwashed who live in trees and smoke dope. They never ask Dr Pat Doncaster at Oxford university who studies foxes or me, who has loads of drinking mates who are foxes.

As for Badger Baiting - that's O.K. if its my Mrs with a cream bun.