Political Correctness

Back to Previous PagePolitical Correctness, what a load of crap. People who practise political correctness, twats. I couldn't give a toss if my local council tell me it's a 'personal access chamber' - it's not, it's a bloody 'manhole' - just because it was originally named because it was men who did the manual jobs doesn't make a blind bit of difference. Once something has been given a name, it becomes its name - and nothing else, just a name of something. As for the chairman of a company, if a woman becomes the chairman then that's what she is - the chairman, not a bloody chairwoman, chairperson or even a bloody chair, we've already got a chair - it's something you bloody sit on.

And another thing, a blackboard is a blackboard, it's a board which is black in colour and is written on with white chalk, it's easier for the kids to see from the back of the class, except they're using them computer things now - it's still a sodding blackboard.

And what on earth are those loony leftie teachers thinking when they decide to not give out prizes for winning at school sports day ? Don't want some poor kid crying because he lost. What a load of cobblers - how the hell do we win Olympic medals with that attitude - bunch of tossers.