Performing Rights

Performing Rights Society

Back to Previous PageWhat a bunch of Tossers. They openly promote playing radios in the workplace as they claim to have an 'expert' that has proved that it increases productivity, then they demand that you pay them a fee for doing so - amazing They took a mechanic to court for playing his radio when he worked by himself, a bakery that played a radio in a private room at the back of the shop and demanded payment from community centres that allow children to sing carols in public. Radio stations already pay large amounts of money to licensing organizations to play music in the first place, now they want another payment for listening to it. They phoned me up yesterday demanding payment when the caller didn't even know my company name, when I told them that I'd filed their letter in the bin, they told me that they would take me to court because it was even an offence to play a radio in my canteen at tea break. After I picked myself up off the floor, I politely informed them that I worked for myself from home, I preferred to call my Canteen a Kitchen and that I didn't have a fucking radio in there anyway. They informed me that they were recording our conversation - do they pay a fee for that when they play it back?
I've nothing against paying for music which I like to listen to but I'm buggered if I'm going to pay anybody any cash if I ever put a radio on the window cill next to the kettle and Noel Edmonds sticks Boney M on - I hated their pile of crap in the 80's, I didn't pay to listen to them then and I ain't paying to listen to them now.