The Pubco's

Back to Previous PageBig pub company's - they're ruining this bloody country. We've got some of the most magnificent pubs in the world and then some poxy big businessman comes along and buys them to add to a chain of pubs that serve crap beer, crap food with a crappy American style 'have a nice day' service that you just know some stupid 18 year old from Croydon feels really uncomfortable with and would much rather be doing something else.

There's one of those crappy Harvester pubs in Halesowen - it's filled with plastic timber and the bar staff haven't got a clue what they're doing. When the Manager comes out to help, she's no better. The beer is crap and the food is dreadful. They think that they're doing alright because it's reasonably busy at lunchtimes but it's because the local office workers can't get to anywhere else within an hour and they know that at least they're not going back to the office pissed because if they can stomach more than a pint, it's as weak as Gnat's piss anyway.

Then there's the big brewers who create these Rat & Ferret or Brewers Droop or whatever chains and they think that we will assume is a new entrepreneurial company. We're not thick you know, we know what your doing and you're wrong - we don't want consistency in a pub - only thick people with no taste want to walk into a pub in Weymouth to find that it's identical to their local pub in Stockport. When I see a Pubmaster pub, I pass straight on. I've got taste - I like what I say and I say what I like and I'm not even a Yorkshireman.

All Bar One, O'Neill's, Vintage Inns, Harvester, Browns, It's a Scream, Edwards, Goose and Ember Inns, Toby, Bar Coast
.....Lots to choose from ? - Of course not, they're all owned by Bass Leisure.
Chef & Brewer, Millers, Country Carvery, Bar 38, T&J Bernard, John Barras, Squares, Original Pub Co, Bar & Kitchen, Pizza In A Pub, Premier Lodge.
.....Lots to choose from ? - Of course not, they're all owned by Scottish & Newcastle.