Ryan Air

Back to Previous Page Rippoffair more like. I'm so glad they're now reporting losses rather than profit - hopefully their shitty little company will go bust sooner rather than later.
To be fair, most of the cheap airlines now hide costs so that it looks like you're getting a better deal than you are but Ryan Air are by far the worst.
When I went skiing this year, they advertised flights for a pound. O.K. I'm not stupid, I know it's going to cost me more than that and I'd happily pay a reasonable amount but Ryan Air are a joke. I went through the online process to book four flights to Italy which worked out at just under 40 each so I phoned my friends to say Ryan Air were the cheapest. After getting the green light to book the flights from three (one person didn't want to use Ryan Air as he'd been stung before) I went back to the website to book the flights.
Just before I get to the final payment screen I find that there is an extra charge to take any luggage with us - bit fucking difficult to go skiing without taking any luggage. I click the confirm button to send the payment to then get a message saying 40 has been added to the charges for paying by credit card - forty fucking quid for something that was the ONLY option on the list. Final Bill over 80 each.
If Rippoffair had asked for 80 each from the start, I'd have though that was probably around the right sort of figure to fly to Italy & back but no they advertised it for 2 each.
Rather than pay another 30 to take my skis & boots on the plane, I decided to hire skis in resort and squeeze my boots into my suitcase - so what happens when I get to the airport ? Ryan Air tell me that my suitcase is too heavy and I have to pay another 130 to take it on holiday with me.
What a bunch of utter bastards - it's the last time they ever get a penny out of me