Micheal Schummacher

Back to Previous PageHe's a bloody cheat that bloke - Runs people off the road at 150 miles per hour and claims he didn't see them - Shouldn't be driving mate if you can't see other cars on the road.

He once tried to justify himself you know, he said that Ayrton Senna used to do it, so it's o.k. for him to do it. He said he didn't feel guilty about deliberately forcing other drivers off the road, like Damon Hill and Gilles Villennurve  - because it was just a way or securing the World Championship - no it wasn't you twat - it was cheating - you're not even supposed to crash into other cars at the fair - they're Dodgem cars NOT Bumper cars - you don't drive ON the edge, you drive OVER the edge and you should be disqualified more often than you are.