Satellite Sports

Back to Previous PageSky Sports ? Bloody infuriating. Absolutely unbelievable that citizens of this country cannot watch their national sportsmen playing against other countries unless you're rich enough to afford satellite television.

Especially if we invented the bloody sport in the first place. How can our government allow foreign businessmen to blackmail us into paying to see our own sports. I used to have sky and I miss staring at that Helen Chamberlain on Soccer AM every Saturday morning but I'm not paying a lot of money to then find suddenly that I have to pay extra to watch the boxing or even England playing a football international. I can afford it but it's just not fair on those that can't so I cancelled my subscription and told 'em to knob off.

You go and pay a fee to have Sky 1 to see your favourite sport and then they move the bloody sport to Sky 2 and start showing Manchester United every week on 1 - We don't all support bloody Manchester United you know. You think about subscribing to Sky 2 but then you occasionally want to see a Rugby League game so you have to stop watching one sport or pay them a load more to see both when you don't want to watch it every week. If it's Hull v. Castleford in the Rugby and Preston v. Birmingham in the football then nobody in their right mind will stay in to watch - apart from some of those from Hull, Castleford, Preston or Birmingham - the rest of us would much prefer to go to the pub but then it's costing you in the pub AND it's costing you at home even though your not watching it - Bloody rip off it is.

You can watch the Spanish or Italians playing our national sport in our country but you can't watch any British teams playing - how crap is that ?