EstablishmentCounty Motorway
The CockBedfordshire A1 (M) J10
Old Bridge HotelCambridgeshire A1 (M) J14
The Chequered SkipperNorthamptonshire A1 (M) J17
Hare & HoundsNorth YorkshireA1 (M) J48
Lytton ArmsHertfordshire A1 (M) J7
Stag & HoundsBerkshire A404 (M)
Bird In HandBerkshire A404 (M)
Brewery TapBedfordshire M1 J10A
The BlackbirdsBedfordshire M1 J12
White HartBedfordshire M1 J12
Carpenters ArmsBedfordshire M1 J12
Red LionBedfordshire M1 J12
Inn At WoburnBedfordshire M1 J12
French HornBedfordshire M1 J13
The FalconBedfordshire M1 J14
Cap & StockingDerbyshire M1 J24
Old CrownLeicestershire M1 J24
Clock WarehouseDerbyshire M1 J24
Nags Head InnLeicestershire M1 J24
The StarNottinghamshire M1 J24
The Fat CatSouth YorkshireM1 J34
Waggon And HorsesSouth YorkshireM1 J36
Ye Olde Mustard PotSouth YorkshireM1 J36
Fountain InnSouth YorkshireM1 J37
Cubley HallSouth YorkshireM1 J37
Three Acres InnWest YorkshireM1 J38
Croxdale InnDurham M1 J61
John BarleycornCambridgeshire M11 J10
The ChequersCambridgeshire M11 J10
Three HorseshoesCambridgeshire M11 J13
Golden BallCambridgeshire M11 J14
Cricketers' ArmsEssex M11 J8
Albion TavernKent M2 J6
Pilgrims RestKent M20 J10
Ye Olde George InnBerkshire M25 J14
Red LionBuckinghamshire M25 J18
Black LionEssex M25 J26
Fox & HoundsKent M25 J3
Jolly SailorHampshire M27 J8
Thatched TavernBerkshire M3 J3
The BullBerkshire M4 J10
Bell InnBerkshire M4 J13
Pot KilnBerkshire M4 J13
Royal OakBerkshire M4 J13
Red HouseBerkshire M4 J13
Crab And BoarBerkshire M4 J13
Dundas ArmsBerkshire M4 J14
Pelican InnWiltshire M4 J14
White Hart InnWiltshire M4 J17
Wellesley ArmsWiltshire M4 J17
Rising SunWiltshire M4 J17
Lamb InnGloucestershire M4 J19
Miskin ArmsGlamorgan M4 J34
Bel & The DragonBerkshire M4 J6
Monkey Island HotelBerkshire M4 J8/9
Fish At BrayBerkshire M4 J8/9
Crown InnBerkshire M4 J8/9
Hinds HeadBerkshire M4 J8/9
White HartBuckinghamshire M40 J1
Black HorseBuckinghamshire M40 J1
Peyton ArmsOxfordshire M40 J10
The Plough InnOxfordshire M40 J11
Inn At FarnboroughWarwickshire M40 J11
Shakespeare InnWarwickshire M40 J12
Rose And CrownWarwickshire M40 J12
Mary Arden InnWarwickshire M40 J15
Kings ArmsBuckinghamshire M40 J2
Royal Standard Of EnglandBuckinghamshire M40 J2
Blackwood ArmsBuckinghamshire M40 J2
Crown InnBuckinghamshire M40 J2
Red LionBuckinghamshire M40 J4
Hit Or MissBuckinghamshire M40 J4
Bull InnBerkshire M40 J4
Bel & The DragonBerkshire M40 J4
Two BrewersBuckinghamshire M40 J4
Blue FlagBuckinghamshire M40 J5
Sir Charles Napier InnOxfordshire M40 J6
Mole & ChickenBuckinghamshire M40 J7
Dinton HermitBuckinghamshire M40 J7
The ChequersOxfordshire M40 J9
Nut TreeOxfordshire M40 J9
Green ManWarwickshire M42 J9
Dog & Doublet InnWarwickshire M42 J9
Dun CowWarwickshire M45 J1
Green DragonGloucestershire M5 J11A
George InnGloucestershire M5 J13
Black HorseSomerset M5 J19
Greyhound InnSomerset M5 J25
Five Bells InnDevon M5 J28
Fishermans CotDevon M5 J28
Drewe ArmsDevon M5 J28
Butterleigh InnDevon M5 J28
Jack In The GreenDevon M5 J29
Why NotWorcestershire M5 J3
Lighter InnDevon M5 J30
The GlobeDevon M5 J30
Passage House InnDevon M5 J30
Ship InnDevon M5 J30
Swans NestDevon M5 J31
Nobody InnDevon M5 J31
Highwayman'S HauntDevon M5 J31
The QueensWorcestershire M5 J4
The FountainWorcestershire M5 J4
Nailers ArmsWorcestershire M5 J4
Kings ArmsWorcestershire M5 J5
Mug HouseWorcestershire M5 J6
Halfway HouseWorcestershire M5 J7
Walter De Cantelupe InnWorcestershire M5 J7
Three NunsWorcestershire M5 J7
Fox & HoundsWorcestershire M5 J9
Fleet InnGloucestershire M50 J1
Farmers ArmsWorcestershire M50 J2
The FeathersHerefordshire M50 J2
Moody CowHerefordshire M50 J3
New InnHerefordshire M50 J4
Devon DoorwayCheshire M53 J4
Crown InnShropshire M54 J5
Riverside InnShropshire M54 J7
Stretton FoxCheshire M56 J10
Swan With Two NicksCheshire M56 J7/8
Scotch Piper InnLancashire M57 J7
Ship InnLancashire M57 J7
Turf TavernStaffordshire M6 J10
Moat HouseStaffordshire M6 J13
Littleton ArmsStaffordshire M6 J13
Greyhound InnStaffordshire M6 J15
Plume Of FeathersStaffordshire M6 J15
White Lion InnCheshire M6 J16
Bears PawCheshire M6 J17
Bells Of PeoverCheshire M6 J18
The SmokerCheshire M6 J19
Eagle & ChildLancashire M6 J27
Farmers ArmsLancashire M6 J27
Robin Hood InnLancashire M6 J27
Original Farmers ArmsLancashire M6 J28
New InnLancashire M6 J35
Slyne LodgeLancashire M6 J35
Snooty FoxCumbria M6 J36
Gate InnCumbria M6 J40
Queens Head InnCumbria M6 J40
Fanny'S Ale HouseWest YorkshireM606
Rams Head InnLancashire M62 J22
Rock InnWest YorkshireM62 J23
Old Corn MillWest YorkshireM62 J25
Black Horse InnWest YorkshireM62 J25
Bar T'AtWest YorkshireM62 J25
The GreyhoundWest YorkshireM62 J27
Three Horse ShoesWest YorkshireM62 J30
Philharmonic Dining RoomsCheshire M62 J4
Peter Kavanagh'SCheshire M62 J4
Ye Old Sparrow Hawk InnLancashire M65 J13
Dog & GunNorth YorkshireM65 J14
Crown & ThistleLancashire M65 J4
Grey MareLancashire M65 J5
Old Rosins InnLancashire M65 J5
Fisherman'S RetreatLancashire M66 J1
Spread EagleLancashire M66 J1
Shoulder Of MuttonLancashire M66 J1
Lord RaglanLancashire M66 J1
Station Buffet BarCheshire M67 J3
Royal ArmsLeicestershire M69 J1
Birds And The BeesCentral M9 J10
Below is a list of Inns in 'Motorway' Numerical order, which are within approximately 5 miles of a motorway junction - most are easy to get to, some may be a little more difficult. Click the Inn name for more information:
Motorway Pubs