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Fat Badgers Guide to Good Pubs and Inns in the UK Craw Inn

Auchencrow, Reston, Berwickshire, TD14 5LS  Tel: 01890 761253
I have just been for dinner at the most lovely place it is called the Craw Inn in Auchencrow in the Scottish Borders.
My husband is a true real ale fan and we usually end up in small dark pubs that serve bad wine, the Craw Inn is the complete opposite of that. It has a cosy and inviting bar with two Cask ales on all the time (the two ales are always changing). There were a really good mix of local food on the menu and the staff were very helpful and friendly (I have to have a restricted diet and the kitchen went that extra mile to make me a really great meal) The whole meal was excellent and there was loads of it (so much we unfortunately had no room for a pud - but they were tempting) There is great wine list and a HUGE selection of non-alcoholic drinks for the designated drivers amongst you. 
We just had such a great evening there I thought I would let other people know - especially when it is hidden away in such a tiny Borders hamlet.

Caitlin Roe - January 2007

Fatbadgers    I thought I'd just found a really good web page where I could check out reviews for places in my area, the scottish borders, but the first review that came up was the Craw Inn in Auchencrow.   I took all the relatives up from Liverpool (including my farther in law an inspector for disability access) to the Craw Inn last week. It was the third time I'd been and as the prices had gone up I thought there must have been some improvement to the first time and the second time when I had to go for a birthday dinner there. This place is truly awful if you value your money and hate being ripped off (the menu is vastly over priced for the quantity or quality of food and as for fresh seasonal ingredient who can tell if they've been boiled to death even the vegetables), if you like fresh fish (the smoked salmon comes in very bland stingy portions and the crab is entirely brown meat yak!) it's certainly no better for hospitality the owner really doesn't want to be there let alone serve food to the public and I've never know a barman leave your table after ever order of a round of drinks to pour one at a time. The beers are good but as for the locals well sometime you get that western saloon silence that if there's any one in. Its a picturesque pub in a hidden away part of the Borders but that's its best feature, do you get the pubs to write their own reviews? And I know I've goon on a bit but this really is important a disabled access award is either out of date or a complete fabrication!

Perhaps you should consider the reviews that Amazon do where the public write them. 

Name Witheld - 16 July 2005


Fat Badgers Guide to Good Pubs and Inns in the UK The Navigation

Bugsworth Basin, Buxworth, Derbyshire, SK23 7NE  Tel: 01663 732072

Fat Badgers Guide to Good Pubs and Inns in the UK Barrel Inn

Bretton, Eyam, Derbyshire, S32 5QD Tel: 01433 630856
Dear Fat Badger (or his slightly plump helpers)
I have just spent a wonderful but exhausting weekend in the Peak District (walking, I hasten to add). Having visited your website and been suitably impressed, I stayed at one of the places which came highly recommended - the Navigation Inn at Buxworth. However, I have to report that I was disappointed. The accommodation is OK, but nothing special - I paid 50 for a double, which I guess is probably the going rate for ensuite. The food has a very elevated opinion of itself if you go by the menu descriptions and was priced accordingly (8-10 for a main course special), however when it arrived, it was mediocre to not very good homecooking standard and just about scraped in under the menu description. But, the most disconcerting thing about the place was the very sloppy cleanliness - dried food on breakfast bowls, cutlery etc. seemed to be the norm rather than the odd slip-up - and at breakfast, some of the surrounding tables strewn with glasses etc. from the previous night. We didn't eat there for the second night and the landlord completely ignored my companion at the bar when we tried to buy a beer! One got the feeling that the money just rolls in (as it seems very popular) and perhaps they feel they don't need to try too hard anymore ...

Right, now for the good news .... we visited the Barrel Inn at Bretton, also at your recommendation, and what a contrast! The landlord was the very incarnation of everything desireable - efficient, helpful, polite, witty (in the expected landlordy sort of way) - and you got the impression heads would roll if a customer justifiably had a complaint about anything. We liked the look of the menu too and returned to eat in the evening. The food was the same price as the Navigation but from an entirely different planet - I had a superb and meaty braised lamb shank. I believe the landlord will have x3 rooms ready soon to add to his existing x1 family one, so you can stay there as well. Oh, and the view is truly wonderful too!

I hope this is helpful and will prompt some action on your part - then I can carry on taking your advice on future hostelry visits ...

Cathy Greenwell - 24 April 2002

Fat Badgers Guide to Good Pubs and Inns in the UK The Waterdine

Llanfair Waterdine, Shropshire, LD7 1TU Tel: 01547 528214
A lovely old pub, oak beams, log fires. Excellent food, all freshly prepared by owner/chef, Ken Adams. Everything is freshly made, including the bread ! Local real ale from The Woodhampton Brewery, and a selection of fine wines.
Bedrooms are all en suite and beautifully decorated. Large garden overlooking open countryside and the River Teme. A very quiet and tranquil location.

Steve Bowen - 19 April 2001

Fat Badgers Guide to Good Pubs and Inns in the UK Sun Inn

Corfton Diddlebury, Craven Arms, Shropshire SY7 9DF Tel: 01584 861239
I am a regular of the pub and would like to mention a few things, norman, the landord has done with the place.
it is full wheelchair access and won the south shropshire access award. the pub has its own prize winning brewery, the food served has won more prizes than any other local pub, its a listed building, the home brewed ales and regular beer is outstanding.

Rachel Edwards - 30 August 2000

Fat Badgers Guide to Good Pubs and Inns in the UK Anchor Inn

Seatown, Bridport, Dorset, DT6 6JU Tel: 01297 489215
I had to write and thank you for suggesting the Anchor Inn at Seatown. I've just returned from a week in Bridport and was intending to walk some of the Dorset coastal path towards Chesil Beach until I read about the Anchor. I'm glad I changed my mind as I stopped off for a quick pint on the way back and ended up having a thoroughly pleasant afternoon sitting in the sun quaffing a few ales and watching the waves lapping at the shore. I have to admit, I didn't see the Humpback Whale but I did see a whole flock of Pink Elephants do a fly past on the way back to Bridport. (and they were all laughing at my wobbly legs).

Pete Campbell - 2 August 2000

Fat Badgers Guide to Good Pubs and Inns in the UK Nobody Inn

Doddiscombsleigh, Exeter, Devon, EX6 7DS  Tel: 01647 252394
Nobody Inn SignAlthough the review page is for comments from those who've visited an inn on our recommendation, there is not enough room to do justice to the Nobody Inn.
Fat Badger Andy visited the inn on 27 July 2000 and wrote:
Along with the Red Lion in Yorkshire, the Nobody Inn is certainly in the running for the Fat Badgers 'Inn of the Year' for 2001. The food is exceptional quality and the gravadlax with smoked Dartmouth prawns and crevette tails served with dill and herb mayonnaise and lumpfish roe really got my mouth watering and that's only a starter. The cheeseboard comes with a variety of cheeses all with little flag labels to tell you what they are. I tried the Nobody Ale, brewed by Branscome Vale Brewery which was kept perfectly. I sat at the bar and spent the whole time listening to customers complimenting the bar staff on what a wonderful time they'd had or how good their meal was. The waitress smiled at me so much I'm convinced she fancied me. The Nobody Inn excels in all departments.

Andy - 30 July 2000

Fat Badgers Guide to Good Pubs and Inns in the UK Abbey Inn

Abbey Green Road, Leek, Staffordshire, ST13 8SA  Tel: 01538 382865
The rooms at the Abbey Inn are beautifully decorated and the location is lovely. The food is excellent and very reasonably priced. You may wake up with a cow peering in through the window !

Jean Layton - 12 July 2000

Fat Badgers Guide to Good Pubs and Inns in the UK Bear Hotel

High Street, Crickhowell, Powys, NP8 1BW  Tel: 01873 810408
The hospitality and service are extremely congenial. The accommodations,food,cleanliness were wonderful. I have been to The Bear for several years now and find that they are doing everything to constantly upgrade their service.

The food service is exceptional.

Annabelle Stanislaw - 6 July 2000

Fat Badgers Guide to Good Pubs and Inns in the UK The Boat

The Quay, Ashleworth, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL19 4HZ Tel: 01452 700272
The Boat is situated at Ashleworth Quay on the River Severn about 5 miles north of Gloucester. The land around it belonged to St Augustine's monastery in Bristol and the Abbot built the Quay and a large tithe barn to store and ship the produce down to Bristol. It was also used as a ferry crossing for many years, the ferryman was also the landlord.
The pub has been in the same family for about 300 years (the Jeff or Jelf I think). The present landlady being a niece of the family.
You approach the Boat either by river from Gloucester or Tewkesbury or down the lane past the Tithe barn from the village of Ashleworth. It is a favourite haunt of locals and also cyclist from all the area's Cycling clubs. The Morris Men also turn up a couple of times a month through the summer.
Now to describe the pub. The bar parlour is about the size of a modern kitchen and sits about 10 if everyone is on good terms with each other. That's 2 settles either side of the room sitting 4 each with a squeeze and room for 2 or 3 more across the end. Just off the bar is another longer room which might seat another 12. Outside is a covered space with more seating and then there is the river bank.
There is NO piped music, juke box or one armed bandit!! The main source of entertainment is that old fashioned thing called conversation although dominoes is played by the more adventurous is the second room.
To get into the bar you walk up a corridor and turn left through a two part stable door, as you come through the door that days offerings are on a blackboard in front of you. There is normally four and sometimes six different beers to choose from depending of course on availability and at least 2 ciders all drawn from barrels in a room behind the bar. There is also pumped beer and larger for the philistines.
It's difficult recommending the best time to visit but if you come in the summer a week day evening is less busy than weekends whilst in the winter it's very cosy all squeezed into the bar.
The boat has won various pub of the year awards over the last few years and if you know anyone in the Tewkesbury branch of camra they will no doubt be able to fill in any details I've missed.

Happy drinking.

Ted Boucher - 7 June 2000