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The Fat Badgers are always looking to expand this guide. If you know of, or indeed own or run an Inn, Pub, Hotel, Restaurant or even a really nice Bed & Breakfast that you want to recommend then contact us with details. We are happy to list any inn on the list of bookmarks, a long list of inns with webpages, we then visit suggested establishments and put the best inns on the main guide.
If you wish to recommend an inn, our preferred method is via the online form. If you want to know more about the sort of inns we would like to list, 'Click Here'

Tell us all about an Inn that you think should be in this guide. If that inn ever wins the Fat Badgers 'Inn of the Year' award, we will pay for  a night out for two in your favourite establishment. We'll add a symbol to say you recommended it. If you ever notice that one of your recommendations has won 'Inn of the Year' and we haven't given you a night out, try to think if you've ever changed your email address, because that's all we will know about you - so you'll have to let us know you've moved !

Pubs can and do change and so we'd also like to hear if you've you've visited one of the inns listed in this guide and found it to be not up to standard. We'll either re-visit and remove it or we'll mention that it may not appeal to all tastes.

So that you don't think we've ignored you, we may list the inn purely on your recommendation, but rest assured, we will pay a visit very soon afterwards and if we find that you've suggested a horrible little hole just because you own it or think you might get a free pint for doing so, it will quickly be removed and we'll be very upset !

or use:
SUBMIT FORM page, print the form, fill it in and fax it to: 01902 682189

All other comments should be addressed by email: