Why Us ?

Fat Badger Kilo ExplainsWhy use the Fat Badgers Guide to Quality Inns, Hotels and Restaurants ?

We could say why not ? But we will try and explain why we are here and why we would like you to keep using us and even help us.

Firstly, we are completely independent - we are not owned by, funded by or swayed in any way, by any brewery, pub or any other body who have an interest in promoting their business.

We are run in a similar fashion to Camra - the Campaign for Real Ale, by volunteers who have a love for good old British drinking and eating establishments. We are concerned that many are being forced to close by the weight of pressure from the multi national brewing companies but we are happy to list some of their inns - if they are worth recommending.

We have not purchased a database of 60,000 UK inns and are relying on you to tell us if we've mistyped any information - not that we're claiming Fat Badgers spell pur-fectly ! - we don't. We don't only list establishments that are prepared to pay to be listed, we list them if they are worth recommending to others. We don't like sites full of advertising and flashing banners, however we may accept advertising but in no way will we bow to any pressure from any advertiser. We are happy to announce that OUR website is out of date - it's bound to be, because pubs change on a Daily basis, we once visited an inn which was sold the day after we visited (there is no truth in the rumour that Fat Badger Roy burrowed under the ladies toilets and undermined the foundations) - the Landlord chose not to inform us he was leaving. Presumably he knew that the quality of the inn would not suffer - and it hasn't. We try to keep up to date with changes even though it's an impossible task and we can't be held responsible if you turn up for a pint and an inn we recommend is now a cake shop - that's why we'd like you to tell us if you visit and the inn has changed. Please Help Us.

We do not and will not claim to be the biggest, best, most comprehensive, only, official or indeed any other claim to be things that we are not.

There are plenty of 'pub guides' on the internet who claim all sorts of things - we would never condemn any that do, there is room for everybody.

FBStakes.gif (20403 bytes)We laugh at pub guides that claim to be the 'official' internet pub guide - Rolls Royce can have an 'official' site - about their company, paid for by their company. A guide to British pubs cannot be 'official' - but we're sure you knew that anyway. We laugh at pub guides that claim to be the biggest on the net when they do no more than listing the same information that can be found at Yellow Pages, Scoot or the Royal Mail websites. We laugh at pub guides that claim to be the best - who voted for them ? We laugh at Faulty Towers - but then it's a very funny television programme, even repeated for the umpteenth time, in fact we laugh at most things when we're pissed.