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County Wicklow is one of the most varied counties in Ireland in terms of its landscape, ambiance and social and historical influences and yet it is only 60km x 40km. The county lies just south of Dublin city thus providing it with a vital role as a recreational amenity for the population of Dublin as well as to the many overseas visitors who have discovered its compact yet diverse beauty and many attractions.
The county contains the Wicklow Mountains National Park comprising of uplands, glacial lakes and blanket bog. In the centre of the county is Glendalough, an historic monastic settlement in a deep ice age valley. The site dates back to the 6th century and was founded by the hermit St. Kevin. The famous Round Tower is one of the finest examples of early christian vernacular architecture in Ireland. To the north is the Powerscourt Waterfall, the tallest in the country located a few kilometers from the recently restored Powerscourt House and Gardens.

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If you want to search in this County

Johnny Foxes

Worth the trek to find this amazing old multi roomed pub up in the Wicklow Mountains. Good choice of beer and superb food. Seafood a speciality